4 reasons to join us

FULLY managed hosting

That’s right. No headaches or worries! We will provide customer support and handle every hosting aspect, so that you could focus on your business instead.

FREE account migrations and setups

We will migrate all your customers’ cpanel accounts absolutely free. We will also set up any new accounts from archives or from scratch. Your developers will have the necessary tool to easily do this themselves as well.

High security

Each account will run in its own protected virtual space that is safe, secure and scalable. The actual site will be protected from bogus traffic and DDoS attacks.

Pricing that works

Let us know how many customers you have and what kind and we’ll do our best to make it work.

Our Team


Alex Benko

Sea Watchman

Tim Vough

  • Social Networks Integration
  • LAMP Stack Expert • Wordpress

Cyril Night

  • Versatile Scientific Analysis
  • PHP • MySQL • JavaScript

Mac Aldridge

  • Payment APIs • Mobile APIs
  • CI & Custom Frameworks

Alexa Kau-Ten-Chzhi

  • Elasticsearch • AngularJS
  • iOS • Android • Wordpress

George Kelley

We’ve been running hosting businesses for last decade and have learned a lot but more importantly developed architecture that is very stable, easy and scalable. We have applied all these to the service we are offering on this site.
Our experience is not limited to web hosting but also includes extensive web development for startups and some mobile application development.
We enjoy what we do and are confident you will enjoy working with us as well. We’ll make you feel special and part of our team!


  • Partner Hosting Service

    This can be thought of as reseller hosting on steroids. You will not need to worry about hosting, period!

  • Large Project Web Development

    That’s right! We like large projects as we like working with complicated things and making them simple and just plain work

  • Custom Caching Service

    If you don’t know what this means chances are it’s not for you but in a nutshell caching is something that speeds us the loading of your site, can protect against heavy traffic and denial of service attacks


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