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WordPress plugins by galleonhosting

Private Plugins

This WordPress plugins by galleonhosting list is a product of a few years of WordPress plugin development that we’ve done mostly to make our own lives easier and to improve our customers’ websites.

Secure Lockdown (private plugin – only available to hosting customers)
Append/prepend posts (private plugin – only available to NewsPortal site hosting customers)
Super User Exclusive Capabilities (private plugin – only available to NewsPortal site hosting customers)
Scadamark – mapping system for sensors (private project for an engineering firm)

DDoS protection – protects admin URL against attacks (private plugin – only available to hosting customers)

Easy Mobile – creates a mobile version of WordPress site based on the RSS feeds

Public Plugins

Authors Page – Displays all users of a certain role on one page in a table showing their avatars and usernames and also linking to their detailed information.

Extended Image Info for Nextgen Gallery – Displays the name of the picture’s author and the upload date below the picture itself.

Current gallery support for NGG Public Uploader shortcode – Adds support for quickly uploading the current gallery via the NGG Public Uploader shortcode, simply by typing “current” for the gallery id.

Image-to-user attribution for Nextgen Gallery – Saves the image’s author (uploader) name along with the uploaded image information.

Constant Contact Digest – Adds support for quickly uploading the current gallery via the NGG Public Uploader shortcode, simply by typing “current” for the gallery id.

Nginx – do not cache these URLs – This plugin forces Nginx not to cache the specified URLs. Regular expressions are supported for advanced users.

Anonymous Image Board for WordPress – Your own anonymous image board

Malware Cleaner for WordPress

Malware Cleaner for WordPress features:

  1. Scans for well-knows virus file signatures
  2. Replaces code WordPress files based on the version used
  3. Allows to view files and edit files before removing them
  4. Allows to quickly remove unused themes
  5. Protects uploads directory from running PHP scripts from
  6. Protects against plugin version sniffing

Secure Lockdown for WordPress

Most viruses get introduced via file system.  A hacked script can be uploaded if the permissions are not set correctly or if there’s a vulnerability somewhere in the software. Then it’s run and the attack begins. What if only a legitimate process had the ability to change files?  Unfortunately, in most situations it’s impossible to detect which process is legitimate and which one is a hacking attempt. This is why we came up with a system that only allows an administrator or an update service to make changes to the files. You still have to make sure your admin password is nice and secure but that’s easy to do.

There are two ways to work with our Secure Lockdown for WordPress.

  1. Log in as administrator and temporarily disable the Site Lockdown
  2. Use mainWP WordPress site management system customized by us. In which case you can update things without disabling the SiteLockdown or if directly editing the files temporarily disable the SiteLockdown.

The cool thing is if you forget to turn the Secure Lockdown back on our system will enable it for you automatically. The time-out value can be configured from the plugin’s settings.

How does this work?

All actions that require any file modifications need authorization from our billing system. If there’s no billing account for the user or if the username is incorrect no changes will be allowed. Each process requires an authorization code which can only be available to a legitimate account. This process completely stops any unauthorized file changes. You can then run a good anti-virus scanner for WordPress to clean up all your files to ensure that your site it nice and clean.

How do I get this for my WordPress site(s)?

To ensure proper security we have made this functionality only available to our hosting customers. The only way to get it is to become our web hosting customer and enjoy the Secure Lockdown for WordPress for free! Make sure you contact us as soon as possible.

SSL for WordPress site

Flexible SSL for WordPress site (Included with each account)

Ever wondered how to easily get SSL for WordPress site?

Follow these simple steps to get SSL for your WordPress site and make it running through HTTPS protocol.

  1. Enable Flexible SSL for your domain in CloudFlare
  2. Disable Site Lockdown (only if you have one installed)
  3. Install CloudFlare Flexible SSL plugin on the site (it has to be this exact plugin)
  4. Install WP Force SSL plugin on the site
  5. Change the URLs in the Settings -> General area of the site

Make sure these are followed verbatim otherwise, your site might get into a loop and some database tweaking might be needed to fix that.

WordPress Development

WordPress Development means developing a website for your business or a hobby using WordPress as the software to run it. Chances are you already have a WordPress site and need somebody’s help to develop it.

Typical WordPress site

A typical WordPress site would consist of 3 major parts:

  1. Theme (design for your site)
  2. The actual software (plugins and the core of WordPress)
  3. Webhosting

What we offer with our WordPress Development

With our WordPress Development we offer services for #2 and #3, although we can surely help you with #1, it’s better to treat it separately.

The most difficult part of any project is the specifications (sets of features and functionality). This is no different for a WordPress development project. Please invest the necessary time or recruit our services to create the proper project specifications for you. This will drastically increase your chances of success and decrease the development time.

Here are some of the features of our WordPress Development:

  • Secure and Fast code using best practices
  • Quick Turn-around Time
  • Development of any functionality
  • Included staging and development sites
  • Responsible top notch WordPress developers and project managers
  • Easy-to-use ticket system to submit your features

Some info about us

We’ve developed sites for businesses, law firms, online newspapers, hobbyists and many others and always delivered. We want to help you as well! Please contact us with your requirements using our contact form.



Complete Features

What we offer

Free site migration from your old hosting or development environment

Automatic billing for your customers (if needed) with monthly partner payments

WordPress site management system that allows to completely manage your sites from one location.

Plugins, core and theme easily configurable automatic updates.

Unlimited WordPress plugins and themes

Isolated webhosting accounts for each site. No security or overload issues.

Solution for infected WordPress sites: stop cold virus invasion and assist with cleaning infections

Assistance from highly-skilled WordPress developers that can resolve any issue or answer any question

Skype, phone or email support for partners

Proactive 24/7/365 service monitoring and response

Lightspeed performance due to use very efficient web server, special optimization plugins and caching

Free SSL for your site

DDoS protection: multilevel denial of service protection

Unlimited traffic

GeoIP: serve or block content based on the country of the visitor

Staging, test and development environment setup with one click



What we do not offer

  • Free application support. Examples: Not working plugin or how to insert a widget.
  • No local email service. Any third-party services can be used though
  • Support of email-related issues

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