Tired of not being able to focus on your business?

You’ve been working hard for the last few years and have gained a good number of customers who use web hosting. Your primary expertise though is not in hosting but web development, marketing, design or anything else that needs web hosting. Unfortunately, web hosting hasn’t been what you wanted it to be and causes a lot of stress and wasted time.

Imagine a world where you can fully focus on what you do best -- your business. Why worry about webhosting when we can completely handle it for you and for your customers. What’s even more important is that we care about you and want you to succeed in everything you do!

We will manage every web hosting aspect for you!

Complete novice? No problem. We will provide the necessary infrastructure for you to get started and guide you all the way to success!

All sites are in the cloud environment

We use a system that allows us to separate resources for each site from the resources used by other sites. This allows better site stability, improved speed and no "busy neighbor" issues.

Array of different PHP versions

The following versions are available: 4.4, 5.1-5.6. Various PHP modules can be added with one click. Php.ini values can also be modified from the control panel.

CDN (file caching)

There are multiple ways to configure file caching for your picture files, java scripts and CSS. This will reduce the amount of traffic and the resources your account will use.

We will migrate all your customers' sites absolutely free

We prefer cpanel sites but will also migrate from other platforms as long as the site is within 1GB. Larger sizes are also available as paid service.

We will move sites that are ready to be published to their live domains

When you have new updates available to your sites just pop them to your account and we’ll expand them for you.

We will host your own sites absolutely free

All your marketing sites are free! Make your business even more successful.

Large site migration

The cost is determined based on the size of all files and the database.

24x7 data center monitoring

Out engineers react quickly to any issues that might happen on the network or with the server. We run all our upgrades at night in the off hours.

Skype assistance

Stay in touch with us through Skype, Facebook and email.

Competence in web development

Receive competent answers about the software you are using on your site. We have years of hands-on experience with software development.

We can bill your customers directly

You will receive your partner payment the end of each month or you can do your own billing and just pay us monthly.

We will manage DNS zones for all your domains

We use Cloudflare to manage DNS records as well as filter bogus traffic based on advanced blacklists. You will have complete access to Cloudflare account as well.

Advanced security

In some cases we set up FTPS access, which is a secure FTP service that uses SSL certificates to encrypt login information. We use file-based Antivirus that can be easily run from your customer’s control panel. We also have a deep file malware scanner that can find any code-related issues. We relay traffic through CloudFlare to protect against DDoS attacks.

Outsourced email service

To keep our servers free of spam we only allow emails from your site to be sent through another service like Mandril or Mailgun. There are very reliable and secure systems and are fully compliant with FCC regulations and with great statistics. For regular emails we recommend Google, Microsoft, Rackspace or your local ISP. We will help you set all this up!

Virus cleanup

As a paid service we offer thorough virus clean-up using our usual hourly rates.


All sites are incrementally backed up every night, every week and every month.

Dedicated IP

These are $25 a year per IP.

SSL certificates

SHA2 SSL certificates are $50 a year. We also have a free SSL option when CloudFlare relay is used.

Contact us as soon as possible

or Call Us: (413) 776-4190

FREE transfer

We will transfer 2 of your sites absolutely free, so that you could see how well they will perform. If all looks good we will sign a contract with you and then migrate the rest of your customers


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