WordPress Development

WordPress Development means developing a website for your business or a hobby using WordPress as the software to run it. Chances are you already have a WordPress site and need somebody’s help to develop it.

Typical WordPress site

A typical WordPress site would consist of 3 major parts:

  1. Theme (design for your site)
  2. The actual software (plugins and the core of WordPress)
  3. Webhosting

What we offer with our WordPress Development

With our WordPress Development we offer services for #2 and #3, although we can surely help you with #1, it’s better to treat it separately.

The most difficult part of any project is the specifications (sets of features and functionality). This is no different for a WordPress development project. Please invest the necessary time or recruit our services to create the proper project specifications for you. This will drastically increase your chances of success and decrease the development time.

Here are some of the features of our WordPress Development:

  • Secure and Fast code using best practices
  • Quick Turn-around Time
  • Development of any functionality
  • Included staging and development sites
  • Responsible top notch WordPress developers and project managers
  • Easy-to-use ticket system to submit your features

Some info about us

We’ve developed sites for businesses, law firms, online newspapers, hobbyists and many others and always delivered. We want to help you as well! Please contact us with your requirements using our contact form.




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